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From high voltage installation to communication and security systems, our experienced electricians can make sure all electrical operations are running smoothly and safely.


By the time our technicians are done with maintenance and installation, every instrument will be recording and functioning properly for both the plant’s productivity and the safety of the workers.


To make our clients’ turnarounds smooth and profitable, we ensure all management and services performed are done with experienced professionals and refined processes.

Westgate provides construction and maintenance services for the chemical, petrochemical, refining, grain, pulp and paper, and power industries. We have a strong commitment to helping customers meet the challenges of their markets. Westgate uses the most innovative and modern business practices available, we ensure superior performance and reliability in the delivery of all of our services. We have earned our reputation of safely completing projects on-time and on-budget.



  • Power, controls, lighting, ductbanks, manholes and equipment installation

  • Cable splicing, terminations, stress cones, pot heads

  • High voltage installation, substations, switchgear and motor control centers

  • Pole line, poles, cable, switches and transformers

  • Heat tracing, panels & sensors

  • Emergency notification and warning systems

  • Communication and security systems

  • Modicons, PLC’s battery banks, UPS, transfer systems

  • Panel and switch rack fabrication


  • Inspections, loop check, and calibration

  • Acceptance testing and start-up assistance

  • System commissioning

  • Instrument loop configuration and documentation


  • Analyzer installations and maintenance

  • Pneumatic and electronic installations and maintenance

  • DCS, PLC and wireless systems (SCADA) installation and maintenance

  • Instrument upgrades

  • Procurement installation and testing


  • Basic design, cost estimates, field surveys

  • Field services, coordination, inspection, start-up assistance

  • Control systems installation, configuration and programming

  • Constructability, planning, schedules, cost controls, progress reporting

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